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My Fair Princess – Review | Dating an Ojou-sama


My Fair Princess is a visual novel by developer PeasSoft and localized by Sol Press. It puts you in the worn-out shoes of a scholarship student, attending a school for the ultra-rich. This puts a slightly different spin on the standard high school setting which occurs so often in visual novels.

I would call this visual novel primarily a romance story, or I suppose a collection of romance stories considering the branching nature of My Fair Princess. It includes a reasonable dose of drama and a touch of comedy. 

The game can be bought via Steam, but this will be a version without all of the mature content. This can be restored by a patch that can normally be found on, but at the time of writing this has been down for at least several weeks. As I write this, a link to the patch can be found here. It can also be bought from other retailers such as Denpasoft.

The sexual content itself is, for the most part, fairly tame with only a couple of sex scenes per character. It uses mosaics for censorship. I would not consider any of the

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