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Angelic Waves – KickStarter Preview


Come one, come all! You are currently reading a preview blessed by angels and everything heavenly! Today we are looking at Angelic Waves, a visual novel being created by Bus Arrow Studios. This preview is based on the demo currently available. You can help to propel the official release by supporting their Kickstarter if you so desire.

When considering the aspects of dating in visual novels, a game with a reference to angels on the title brings a degree of curiosity on just how different angels are and how they relate to humans. Sora no Otoshimono, for example, is a light novel/manga/anime that brings forward the difference in how Angels and Humans perceive the world and how opposite their lives should be. Does Angelic Waves grace us with the beauty of God’s gift or does it fail to take flight? Let’s find out!

Story and Characters

The story revolves around our protagonist Maxwell Cross, a fairly average guy with a bit of anxiety. He lives a normal life, other than a lack of experience with love. He brings this up himself directly at the start of the game. 

Maxwell’s life revolves around

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