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Yukikoi Melt – Review | Winter Is Coming

Is it Getting Cold or Hot in Here?

It’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere. So, let’s remind everyone in the North of the best and worst of winter. Grab some coats and two hot chocolates – one for me – and let’s both enjoy Yukikoi Melt, a visual novel developed and published by Frontwing – a publisher well known for bringing us the Grisaia series of games.

This title is available on Steam but heavily censored. To the point that it excludes some character’s routes and scenes. They’ve butchered it. Fortunately, there is a free 18+ patch on the JAST website to completely restore it all. It’s easy to install so you can enjoy it as intended after a painless installation. Does Yukikoi Melt, uh, melt my cold heart? Let’s find out!

Hot Blood – Cold Place

Yukikoi Melt revolves around a hot-blooded male named Miharu Okazaki. He’s a boy practically born with the “winter is coming and I despise it” mentality. So you can imagine his reaction when, one day, he is forced to move to a city with a super harsh winter with temperatures bouncing between -30 to -60 Celsius (or -22 to -76 for those using

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