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Written by Thomas Knight

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What is this?

Student Union is an upcoming Original English Language visual novel (OELVN), which at the time of writing is about to start gathering funds via Kickstarter. This is a write up of my thoughts and impressions after playing the demo, rather than a review.


Lane Fox is a student in his final year of high school. Due to his circumstances, he needs money to get by. He’s tried to get part-time jobs in a number of places, but they’re all too far away or don’t need the help. Fortunately the new assistant principal steps in – he suggests getting a group of students together and forming a student union. This isn’t your typical student union – it would be a group that supports the school functions, such as staffing the library and organizing events. More importantly, it would be a paid position, if minimum wage. Win, win – Lane gets paid and the school gets some cheap labor, right? If only it were that simple.

This student union is a new idea by a new member of staff. Not everyone is on board and some conditions are set – most importantly that the group needs at least

Read the full review over on NookGaming

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