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Review written by Misya Danielle

The Waters Above: Prelude is a vibrant and enchanting kinetic visual novel set in a unique fantasy world. The story is split into four parts each of which will focus on a different character, each of the story fragments connect together in some way to clarify how the characters relate to one another. This visual novel was developed by Studio Elan as a free prequel to their yuri visual novel titled The Waters Above, which will follow the same 4 characters presented in this prequel. Sekai Project published The Waters Above: Prelude to Steam in late June of 2018. The visual novel includes features such as a CG viewer, access to the game’s music, a guest art gallery, and accessibility options. Due to it being a free visual novel there are no Steam trading cards with the game. 

The story takes place within a magical oceanic world set in the vast space of the heavens where sea nymphs are tasked with taking care of the living stars, separating their world from the Earth is a dome known as the Vault of Heaven. in this magical world set far into space magic is fading and

Read the full review over on Otaku Aniverse

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