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Natural -Beyond Nature- is a thought provoking supernatural mystery visual novel about the impact humans have on nature and the impact nature has on humans, the visual novel focuses on the fate of two girls effected by nature in a supernatural way. The visual novel was developed by the increasingly popular visual novel developer Zeiva Inc, they are best known for their titles Voices From the Sea and Anicon- Animal Complex among numerous others. The visual novel was published by Zeiva Inc to their official website and to Steam in early December of 2016, you can purchase the visual novel digitally from Zeiva Inc’s official website or from the Steam Store page. On Steam the visual novel does not include any Steam achievements but there is a set of five collectible Steam trading cards. There is also a DLC for the ending theme priced at ninety nine cents in US currency.

The story takes place on a once lively island where numerous tragedies have taken place beginning with a long past man made disaster. On the island two young women affected by a childhood tragedy are cursed, intended as a gift the curse is keeping one of the two

Read the full review over on Otaku Aniverse

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