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Games for Adults Halloween Special: The Top 5 Things Lune Should do With the Kansen Series

Top 5 Things Lune Should do With the Kansen Series

Been a while folks, but I’m back and in time to wish you all a Happy Halloween and what better a way to celebrate than with something Kansen related? I know there hasn’t been a new game announced, but the acquisition of the franchise by renowned eroge company Lune and the release of another OVA for Kansen 5 (which while not perfect I will say is superior to the first pair) is a sign that the series may be rising from the grave sooner or later. So that end here’s a little wish list of things Lune should do with their newly acquired series.

Honorable Mention: More Games With Winnable Older Heroines
This one’s an honorable mention since this goes along with some of my other hopes for the series’ future on this list, but it’s still something I feel should be addressed. From Kansen 2 onwards (as I can understand Risa not being winnable for story reasons(same can be said for Kansen 4’s Saeko) it always felt odd that of the heroines present in the games only the ones that were in about the same age range as the protagonist were

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