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[Review] Jingai Makyou – Fantastica of Nine / Riders of Darkness

塵骸魔京 ファンタスティカ・オブ・ナイン
塵骸魔京 ライダーズ・オブ・ダークネス

Remember how Makimoto wasn’t actually given her own route in the main VN despite the fact you could almost see the words “potential heroine candidate” painted on her forehead? Well, these two light novels fix that, and do so in a… decent enough way. Which is what Jingai has always been, I suppose: decent enough.

Okay, so quick recap: Makimoto Misae was the girl in Katsuki’s class who occasionally showed up in the early parts of the storyline, and (aside from a handful of exceptions) pretty much vanished after the first few chapters. The game occasionally made it seem like there was more to her than met the eye, but nothing of substance really came of it. She didn’t have a route and her role in the VN was minimal at best.

And that’s where these novels come in, because they’re essentially the Makimoto route: they aren’t a sequel or a prequel to the VN, but rather a complete retelling of the story from

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