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Visual Novels and H-Scenes – Are They Necessary?

Visual novels have H-scenes, for anyone who played these adventure/interactive games for awhile, I think it comes as no surprise. But the be–all and end–all question is always this: are they even necessary?

No! They are necessary! I swear!

Before we get to that though, we need to ask ourselves “does H-scenes contribute anything to the story?” — I would say yes. H-scenes represent the destination for a couple in a visual novel — a perfect culmination to conclude a couple’s romantic progression. It’s easy to forget sometimes since a lot of visual novels have extremely ambitious large-scale storytelling nowadays, but at it’s core, they are called galge (girl game, literally) for a reason. Romance will always be there somewhere no matter how plot-driven the story is. It’s pretty much a dating sim where you get to choose which heroine you’re aiming to “romance” with; hence the branching routes. Now there are a lot of subgenres of visual novels and it’s going to take forever if I were to go into more detail, but the point is — in these visual novels, romance will always be present, since well, that’s the entire

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