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[Review] Himawari: Aqua After – The Day the Moon Stood Still

JP title: ひまわりアクアアフター The Day the Moon Stood Still

As the title implies, this is a sequel to Himawari that follows from the ending of Aqua’s route. And in good ol’ Himawari fashion, it’s not a light-hearted lovey-dovey fandisc. Not even close. But that’s exactly what we want from Himawari, right? Even if it makes us scream at the monitor sometimes, lol.

Note: As this is a review of Himawari’s sequel-sort-of-thing, there might be some spoilers for the original (main) game and its side stories. Or I dunno. Either way, you should probably not look at articles about sequels if you haven’t read the original, is what I’m trying to say.

So let me paint the basic picture here. You finished the original game, loved the story GO (the author) presented to you and all that jazz. You particularly enjoyed Aqua’s route, maybe. Perhaps she’s even your favorite heroine even though Asuka is better. But that’s fine.

So let’s imagine this scenario for a second… *cue Mr. Caffeine sound effects*

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