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[Guest Editorial]: Visual Novel Protagonists and Their Self-Insert Natures

VN protagonists — some of them have such bright personalities even a rock looks more interesting than them. This mostly allude to VN protagonists and their self-insert natures, and is something I covered in this guest post of mine for The Geek Clinic.

The Geek Clinic

This week I would like to present a post written by Kai of Deluscar, who has just celebrated his blog’s fifth anniversary! A massive Congratulations and Thank You to Kai!

Greetings, Kai of Deluscar here, and today I’m on The Geek Clinic to analyze and dissect visual novel protagonists. But before I begin, I would like to point out what I say here doesn’t necessarily apply to ALL visual novels, but enough of them feature this type of protagonist to allow one to decipher a pattern.

A visual novel has a structure similar to reading a picture book, and is an incredibly immersive medium. But another one significant reason that contribute to it’s immersion is because of visual novel protagonists and their self-insert natures.

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