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Dead End Junction Review

Dead End Junction is a visual novel best described as a “digital dime novel” with a unique Japanese flair on the old Wild West days. It is written and directed by Hidume, exclusive member of 773 and the creator of the colorful and whimsical Cherry Tree High series. Published by Culture Select, Dead End Junction depicts an alternate universe of the Wild West days and one that addresses many social issues related to war. Divided into four unique episodes, the game is an intriguing modern twist on the traditional visual novel.

The game begins in the humble one-horse town of Cow Stone Bell and revolves around Josette, a spunky girl with wanderlust for adventure and excitement. After reading a delivered letter intended for her father, Josette gets her wish and journeys beyond the town to see the grand world outside of Cow Stone Bell. Josette learns much about herself as she matures through her struggles, friendships, tragedies and victories as the kinetic novel touches upon prevalent themes around the Civil War. Branded as a Japanese take of the Wild West days, Dead End Junction is a mix of comedy and adventure. Much like a comic book, the dialogue between

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