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Narcissu Anthology Project: A Little Iris Review

Narcissu 3rd-Die Dritte Welt has been brought to visual novel fans worldwide under its new title Narcissu: A Little Iris. A Little Iris is a dark and tragic addition to the beloved Narcissu visual novel series developed by Stage-Nana. Narcissu is a series of short visual novels that surround the themes of life and death often using characters who are terminally ill. A Little Iris is the 3rd game in the series as the original Japanese version’s title implies but it takes place in a very unique setting from the rest of the series and is considered more of a spin off. A Little Iris was previously only available to Japanese audiences but earlier this year that all changed thanks to the success of the Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project’s campaign on Kickstarter. A Little Iris was released on Steam late April 2016 as DLC for the base game Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project. In order to play you must have previously purchased the Anthology Project individually or have the Anthology Project Season Pass.

A Little Iris does not take place on the seventh floor of the hospital like the rest of the games in the series do at

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