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[Review] Tokyo Necro
JP title: 凍京NECRO

Well, stopping Gekkou no Carnevale to play this instead was a fairly solid life decision in retrospect, let me tell you. Primarily because this VN didn’t make me want to kill myself. I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily call Tokyo Necro a total masterpiece, mind you, but it was good-ish. Above average, at the very least. If you were expecting the next Nitro kamige after Muramasa, it’s not quite that, but it’s a game I can look back upon and say “well, y’know, that was fun, you guys. I don’t regret reading that. Not at all.”


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So I don’t want to completely infodump you with all the exposition because the game will do that in my stead, but the story basically takes place in 2199, in a new ice age. Everything’s fairly high-tech, there’s snow as far as the eye can see, and people keep themselves warm via hot pipes that run all across the city. The whole ice age thing is the reason why the kanji of Tokyo is written like that in the title, btw. Necromancy and Necromancers are a thing, and our two protagonists, Nagaoka Souun and Kibanohara Ethica are Living Dead

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