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[Visual Novel Review]: One Small Fire at a Time


Developer – Kidalang

Publisher – Culture Select

Length –  2-10 Hours

[Review copy kindly provided by Kidalang] [Kidalang has had no input into the content of this review] [This review assumes you have read An Octave Higher, or read my review of it]

A little over a year ago I reviewed An Octave Higher, which is an Original English Language Visual Novel (OELVN). I praised it for its world-building and exploration of interesting societal issues, so I was more than happy to pick up One Small Fire at a Time (hereafter OSFT) when asked. While I have no major complaints about this prequel, it takes a narrower view of the world its predecessor built, choosing to focus on a smaller aspect of the whole. While it is still enjoyable, and continues to introduce interesting issues and themes, Kidalang would have done better to pursue a more ambitious storyline.

Janis has lived in the madhouse known as Eclipse for much of her life. Living with those who lack the ability to engage with reality itself, hers is a truly pitiable condition: Magical Deficiency Disorder. In a society whose very foundations are built upon its citizens’ ability to use magic, being…

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