Thoughts on Gekkou no Carnevale

Written by garejei

JP title: 月光のカルネヴァーレ

You may have noticed that this post is not labeled in the way I usually label reviews, and there’s a reason for that. That’s because I haven’t finished all of the game (let me explain), and as such, I don’t really consider this a “proper” review in that sense. Sure, you may consequently dismiss this entire post with a wave of the hand, followed by a “but he didn’t finish the whole thing”. Yes, absolutely. I understand. However, after fully completing two of the game’s four heroine routes and dipping my toe in the third, I have decided that I simply cannot take this anymore.

…At least for the moment. I do, however, have things to say pertaining to the parts I *did* complete and the game in general (I mean, the common route alone is fairly long), and I figured it’d be a waste to let my arguably brilliant thoughts collect metaphorical dust in the recesses of a notes.txt file somewhere deep in the swamp of my HDD. And really, I figured I’d let this post stand as a warning to others toying with the idea of plunging into the snooze-fest that is Gekkou no Carnevale. And after you, in your…

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