[Review] Arisou de NASA Sou – Vol. 1-2

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JP title: ありそうでNASA荘

Every once in a while when the moon turns blood red, the stars align and the wolves howl in the night, I do something unlike me and read something dumb and light-hearted. Because even a gourmet eater craves a big, juicy, disgusting hamburger from time to time, right? Right. IN ANY EVENT. I picked up this manga on a whim because the art looked great and the premise sounded wtf enough to pique my curiosity. And… maybe the cover art influenced me too… just a bit… yeah… Anyway, so putting that aside, let’s talk about this dumb, light-hearted, but semi-entertaining manga about a bunch of weirdos doing weird things.

Arisou de NASA Sou introduces itself as a heart-warming “space comedy” with just a bit of ecchi thrown into the mix for good measure, but based on what I read so far, it doesn’t have much to do with space or actual astronaut things, nor is it what I’d call a purely ecchi-focused manga, as the ~lewd~ stuff isn’t horribly over-done, despite what the cover art might make you think. Which actually works in its favor, as it strikes just the right balance.

Ok, so get this. The basic

Read the full review over on gareblogs

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