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[Review] Eiyuu Densetsu: Ao no Kiseki

JP title: 英雄伝説 碧の軌跡

So Zero no Kiseki may have wrapped up its own plotline, but it certainly left certain questions unanswered: that’s where the sequel, Ao no Kiseki comes in, serving as the Sora SC equivalent and grand finale of the Crossbell arc. Or should I say, Sora SC on crack. Because holy shit does this game get good. I went into the Zero/Ao duology with tempered expectations, thinking it might be “good but not as good as Sora/Trails in the Sky” and now that I’m done with Ao, I gotta say, not only is the Crossbell story arc good, it’s the very best this series has to offer, surpassing even the already quite superb Liberl trilogy. In my opinion, at least. Hardcore Estelle fans may disagree, haha.


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Let me just point out that the above opening is incredible. It’s certainly the kind you can watch over and over again. Let me *also* point out that (much like the opening of Sora SC Evolution) the bleh-tastic opening for Ao Evolution contains late game spoilers, so do *not* watch it. No, I don’t get why they did this either, but stick to the already superior original I posted above.

Where do I even begin?…

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