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Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort Review

Pulltop Latte is a sub-branch from Pulltop which focuses more on moege. Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort is one of Pulltop Latte’s title-a fairly fanservice-y visual novel but a surprisingly decent read overall.

This is how he got fired… Actually, nope.

Soutarou is a poor college student who gets by everyday by working various part-time jobs to pay for his daily expenses and school fees. Later on, he was fired from his latest part-time job after skipping his shift for helping Umi, his kouhai in college. Because she felt responsible, and seeing as how summer vacation was coming up, she invited Soutarou to a part-time job at a beach resort, although there’s a catch-they have to pretend they are lovers for the duration of the job… as that’s exactly what Umi told the manager.

I think it’s a fairly standard moege, only that it’s taking place at a beach resort rather than a school. It definitely had quite a few issues if I were to nitpick, but overall, it’s a pleasant, if not relaxing read with drama. One of it’s many problem is the “drama” part however, but I’ll get to it in a minute. But…

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