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Cute Demon Crashers LewdLook Review

Cute Demon Crashers is an English adult otome game released by Sugarscript that was originally created — then later added onto — for free for the 2015 NaNoRenO game jam. To those unfamiliar with the title, the story follows a university student by the name of Claire (whose name is changeable). Stuck at home for spring break while her friends are out enjoying themselves on dates, and with their boyfriends, she finds herself unexpectedly visited by three incubi and a succubus one day, after fantasising about having a fun fling with someone. These four sex demons inform her that they were drawn to her by her desire for a fling, and offer her the chance to have some sexy fun with any of them, if she so desires.
You can read the LewdLook review of it over at LewdGamer (NSFW)
Click here to download Cute Demon Crashers for free off the developers website (SFW)

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