Press ESC to close Spotlight: Cute Demon Crashers [18+] is brimming with free-to-play visual novels, but finding a good one can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With Spotlight I aim to uncover and share the best of them.

This week we’re looking at Cute Demon Crashers, an 18+ visual novel aimed at women where you can experience getting down and dirty with four sex demons in a safe and loving environment.

Warning: NSFW content below the cut.


Cute Demon Crashers is a very short game that basically consists of an intro, some brief interactions with the four demons, and then a sex scene with whoever you choose. You aren’t developing a romance with these characters, you’re just having a bit of fun with them, and this is reflected in the fact that the sex scene is the longest part of the game and has tons of replayability.

Each incubus or succubus has a different style, and the sex scenes have plenty of variety to them. The thing that binds them all together is the way the characters go out of their way to make sure the MC feels comfortable with what’s happening. While the constant checking up on whether or not…

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