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Review: A Kiss For The Petals – Remembering How We Met

The SonoHana series, a collection of games that revolve around the lesbian relationships of girls at St. Michael Girls’ School, is already well-known and loved by yuri fans, and this is the first official Western release of a title from the series. While most of the other games feature lots of 18+ content, this one is a short and sweet girls’ love story suitable for all ages.

Unlike most of the previous games in the series, this is an all-ages title and is what you could call, in fanfiction terms, “pre-slash”. In other words, it doesn’t show the beginning of the girls’ romantic relationship, but rather their friendship. In fact, if it hadn’t been sandwiched between two present-day scenes where the girls are a couple, it could be read as a completely non-romantic story.

Azumi Risa is a hard worker loved by everyone at her school. She’s a bit of a teacher’s pet, but she’s sincere, kind, and dependable. Ayase Miya is the new transfer student. Her grades are always impeccable and she seems like a quiet and studious young lady – until she starts skipping classes. Risa can’t stand for having a delinquent in her class,…

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