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Review: Sakura Angels

After rising to infamy overnight with Sakura Spirit, developer Winged Cloud went on to cement their place as the kings of fanservice on Steam with a new game based in a different setting, but with much the same to offer in terms of barely dressed anime babes. The second title in the Sakura series improves upon the first, but is still lacking in terms of story and characterization. However, the art is as wonderful ever, and there are plenty of shiny boobs for people more interested in fanservice than plot.

Our protagonist in this second visual novel from developer Winged Cloud is a typical ‘normal’ but lonely guy, who just happens to be a super special snowflake who has terrifying nightmares and headaches that herald the coming of something dark and mysterious. One day a monster appears out of nowhere to attack him, and two girls step in to save him; these are his ‘guardian angels’, who turn out to be girls with powerful magical abilities and very skimpy outfits. Of course, they then have to enrol in his school to keep and eye on him, and so starts his new life of demon fights and accidental nudity.

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