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Amnesia: Memories Review

(Review contributed by Misya McLachlan)

Amnesia: Memories is an otome game which was originally released on August 18th, 2011 in Japan and has been localized to North America as of August 25th, 2015 on Steam and PlayStation Network. The Steam version features Steam cards with beautiful graphics matching the art from the game as well as 26 unlockable achievements.

The game’s main menu has seven choices including a new game, continue and options. The other choices are Album, mini games, and two mystery options which have to be unlocked somehow. Pictures, movies, and endings in the gallery are unlocked as you play the game. You can choose to replay events in the picture gallery and even make different choices to see how it plays out. Mini Games are also unlocked as you progress through each story line and are based on in game events.


When choosing to start a new game the character begins by speaking with a spirit named Orion. Orion explains to the heroine how he got lodged into her consciousness after colliding into her, due to the incident the heroine loses all of her memories and Orion gets trapped where her memories are supposed to…

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