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Review: NEKOPARA Vol. 0

In NEKOPARA Vol. 0, the first fandisk for NEKO WORKs’ original doujin game, you’re invited to spend a day together with the catgirls (and their owner) from Volume 1. Although short, it retains the gorgeous art, cute characters, and polished production of the first game, and is just enough to tide us over until the release of Volume 2, supposedly coming in December of this year. Nyaaaan~

While the game is short, clocking in at only around one hour’s playtime, it’s still the kind of high-quality experience we’ve come to expect from NEKO WORKs.

The story follows a day in the life of the neko girls of the Minaduki residence. Each mini-chapter opens with two of the characters introducing the time and activity in adorably out of sync voices.

And so the day goes on with the nekos managing to get up to all sorts of mischief even when doing the most mundane of tasks.

There’s no real plot here to speak of, but it’s enjoyable just being able to spend time with all the different characters and get to know their personalities a bit better. Personally Chocola and Vanilla are actually my least favourite characters of the bunch, so…

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