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Ryechu’s Nukige Corner – Dual Phase (NSFW)

Welcome to Ryechu’s Nukige Corner, where I introduce you to Nukige titles you may not have heard of before.  For those who aren’t in the know, the term “nukige” refers to games that focus solely on sexual content.  The plots of these games serve only to set the scene for the H-Scenes.  If these types of games are of interest to you, read on! Warning: This review is NSFW.

I love nukige. It takes a certain kind of crazy to want to write reviews about them. I definitely fit that category now, but six years ago, I wasn’t anywhere close to that.  No, I was an impressionable moron who decided to take the advice of an anon on 4chan to read my very first nukige.

And that game was Dual Phase.  Here’s why you should feel sorry for me.


The full title image was filled with my blockers.  This’ll do.

Released in early 2008 by MorningStar (the company that has released a bunch of other nukige that Mangagamer has slowly been picking up) as the first of the developer’s “Stretch Series” games, and fan-translated a year later by Dark Translations (now defunct), Dual Phase Soukakurou (Anal mo Vagina mo Hirogacchaimashita) takes its title very literally.  For those not in the know, the part in the parentheses roughly translates to “Anal and Pussy Enlargement.”  I’ll give you three guesses what that’s about.

Nozomi and Kanami are twin sisters with polar opposite personalities.  Nozomi is very upfront and demanding, whereas Kanami tends to follow her sister wherever she goes.  However, there is one thing they have in common – they absolutely love having sex with each other.  At first the H-Scenes are very tame, but as Nozomi starts to introduce new toys into their experiments of pleasure, the scenes start to get more and more impossible, culminating in one of five different endings.  This game practices an enforced play order, split over three playthroughs.


Those little kids? Those were my eyes when I first played this.  Confused, possibly aroused, and…yeah…

The first playthrough of the game does not have any options, and is pretty straightforward.  The second also does not have any options, reuses all of the scenes from the first playthrough, though from a different perspective. The final playthrough has three possible endings depending on choices, but, funnily enough, uses all of the same exact scenes until you reach an ending scene. That’s right.  If you pursue all of the endings, you will see the same five scenarios for EVERY playthrough.

But if you can get over that, the scenes in this one are okay, and explore a lot of yuri fetishes. But with that said, this game is not for everybody, and I don’t recommend it except to those that I know are into games like these.  I’m not going to walk up to some random person who reads VNs and ask them if they want to watch lolis double-fisting each other.


I feel the black boxes around my blocker really bring out the white speculum.

Here’s where the problems begin with the game.  A lot of the scenarios here aren’t really feasible.  Yes, I’m aware that this is nukige, and breaking the laws of physics is perfectly acceptable, but there’s a line that this game crosses that turned me away from it.  I’m pretty sure that a double-sided dildo that appears to be as tall as one of the girls will not fit in said girls, nor will both arms up to their shoulders.

As expected, the artwork needed to reflect these scenes isn’t drawn very well, and a lot of corners were clearly cut, especially in later CGs.  “Oh, we don’t actually have to smooth that section out? Great, leave it as is!”  Additionally, the music in this game is terrible, and I ended up muting it.  The voice acting was decent at least – the moans sounds like actual moans and not like a dying giraffe.


Proof that they can be cute.  Once.

The English patch was released for this game back in 2009, but the hosting site was later taken down as a result of a DMCA notice. The patch can be pretty hard to find, but it’s still around if you look hard enough.  I highly doubt this, nor the rest of the “Stretch Series,” will ever get an official translation, so if you’re into this sort of stuff, you’re probably out of luck.

Honestly, the game could have been converted into a single playthrough with options, and I probably would have given it a better score (screw up enough and somebody dies, realize the error of your ways and get a good ending), but as is, there’s a lot of polish that this game desperately needed, but did not get.

Oh well – that’s the nukige market for you.


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