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[Visual Novel Review]: Eden* They Were Only Two, On The Planet


Developer – Minori

Translator – No Name Losers & MangaGamer

Length – 2-10 Hours

Eden is one of the latest visual novel localisations to hit the ground running on Steam and the community’s reaction to it has been pretty positive (except for those odd people that seem to think all visual novels without gameplay are bad). I had been planning to wait a bit longer to give it a go, mostly because of my thoughts about the last Minori VN I read, but Kai from Deluscar persuaded me to pick it up and now here we are (and here’s Kai’s review!). Eden is a short experience and that works really well for it, allowing the gorgeous visuals to push its limited story aspect to great heights before it overstays its welcome. While not perfect, Eden has convinced me to give Minori another chance and quite comfortably earned itself a place in The Geek Clinic’s Recommendations. 

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