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Happy New Year ~An End to Hiatus~

Happy New Year all! (4 days late but ignore that) I just wanted to let you all know that I’m back from my hiatus and I should be getting to more reviews here in the coming weeks. I ended up taking a break due to not having had the time to really sit down and finish any VN’s for reviews due to various events and changes in my life (New job, new place, stricter budget, kid, dating, beer night, etc). Things have finally settled down for the most part though and I find myself having time again, and the desire, to sit down and finish a few and write some reviews. More than likely for a while though I will be sticking to shorter length titles as opposed to 30-40 hour ones I was trying to put time, and money, into. I may get to some longer titles I’m halfway done with in my backlog, but I would like to focus on some more recent titles that have come out, especially ones that have been put on Steam since they are helping to put a spotlight on the medium. 
That being said, I want to thank everyone that has still been…

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