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Rockmandash Reviews+: Fate/stay night [Visual Novel]

“I ask of you. Are you my master?” It’s a quote that started it all; a huge franchise, an amazing concept that will entrance fans for years, and a great visual novel. With the Utofable anime adaptation coming up, now is a great time to see how the gateway drug into the Nasuverse holds up. Welcome to Rockmandash Reviews+, and today, we have Fate/stay night.

You might be questioning why I posted this, considering I posted a Fate/stay night review earlier this year. Yes, I did release a Fate/stay night review, but I’ve improved my review style: both the substance and how it looks aesthetically. That’s where the review+ comes in: Whenever I redo or spice up a review but want to keep the original the way it was, i’ll be one of these reviews+.

Read the full review over on Rockmandash Reviews


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