Import Games for Adults Halloween: Injuu Kangoku ~Dirty Prison Ship~

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Injuu Kangoku ~Dirty Prison Ship~


For our next review for Halloween we’ll be moving on from our little planet and turn to the stars for our setting and the extraterrestrial for our monsters. The game we’ll be looking at will be the first (and at this moment only) eroge to be released by doujinshi circle EROQUIS! on August 18, 2011: Injuu Kangoku ~Dirty Prison Ship~ …Please try not to click the back button just because of the name…

Pros: Decent story for this genre, Liz, core cast of characters are interesting and likable.

Cons: Aoi’s route has a terrible set of endings, the game’s shortness limits the game’s story potential, a couple instances of unintentional humor with the alien designs, skip function has problems.

WTF?!: Believe it or not that guy on the right hasn’t been taken over by the alien…yet.




Injuu Kangoku has you playing primarily from the point of view of Jonathan Hopkins (called John by his friends), the vice-captain of the exploration vessel “Settler”. With the exploration mission nearly over, the ship is on its way back to Earth when a derelict research vessel is found. Exploring the ship yields a few usable supplies but no survivors, but unbeknownst to…

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