If you are interested in adding your blog to the hub please review the following information, requirements and instructions. We’d love to add your feed to the hub and help drive readers to you (that’s the idea, anyway), and this is how we get started:

Project Goals and How It Works:

  • The hub has two goals:
    1. Spread interest in and exposure to VN reviews from all across the internet by inviting external reviewers to advertise their feeds in one convenient location
    2. Provide a home for our in-house reviews team to feature their work
  • General idea of how the external-blog-feed-to-hub arrangement works:
    • We use some fancy technology to stalk the specific VN-review-focused feeds of your blog/site, and any time you post something we grab a short blurb and a featured image and put it up here on the hub
    • Each external review on the hub, therefore, consists of a pretty picture, a blurb to catch interest, and then a link back to the full review (example 1, example 2, example 3)
    • We never intentionally pull your full review, and if a mistake is ever made we’ll correct it as soon as we’re made aware
    • We store each review’s excerpt and featured image locally, so you never have to worry about us hotlinking to your content
    • We make no claims to any of the content you lend us from your reviews.



  • We ask that you have 4 completed VN reviews published on your site
  • We will review a random sample of your reviews to check for grammar and syntax (in an attempt to maintain a baseline level of quality), so please put effort into your reviews!
  • Reviews can be text, video, audio, or a mix of any of the three


Instructions for being added to the VN Reviews Hub:

  1. Contact Tay by email:   archmagetay ( a t ) gmail (d o t) com ; and include the following pieces of information:
    • Your blog’s name as you’d like it to appear in the Hub
    • Your blog’s URL
    • The “categories” and/or “tags” related to VN reviews on your site [See Note A]
    • How far back you’d like us to go in collecting your reviews [See Note B]
    • What image would you like us to use for each post’s featured image? There are four options:
      • The first image in each post
      • The last image in each post
      • The feed <thumbnail:media> tag
      • A constant image (such as your logo) for all your posts
  2. If you don’t hear back from me within 48 hours, feel free to write me again
  3. There will be a bit of a set-up process, but it’s totally do-able and shouldn’t take much time




[A] – Most blog software will produce feeds for each category/tag (which allows us to pull only your reviews and not your entire blog feed)

[B] – Pulling all your reviews is worth it, but it will require a little teamwork: you and I will have to temporarily change your feed settings, I’ll import the posts, and then you can restore the old feed settings. It’s not a difficult process (especially if you’re on a WordPress blog), but it’ll require a little coordination.