Ownership of your works

You will keep the ownership of all works you create for Fuwanovel during your time as a team member, whether it is text, images, audio files, videos, code, ideas and concepts, or any other form of intellectual property. This principle even applies if you should leave Fuwanovel one day. You are also permitted to post or use your content in anyway outside of Fuwanovel at any time (with some exception like code). However, by becoming a member of the Fuwanovel team, you agree to grant Fuwanovel a unlimited (in terms of time, content and location) license for your content, which allows Fuwanovel to display, (commercially) use and derivate your content, even if you should leave the team at some point in the future.

Ownership of your data

As a team member, you have (like all users of Fuwanovel) some data protection rights, which are mainly defined by the European GDPR law. This law applies always and for all Fuwanovel members, even if you yourself do not live in Europe and if you are not a citizen of a European country. Among those rights is especially the right of access, the right of rectification and the right of deletion of your personal data. For more information about these rights and how you can exercise them, please see the Fuwanovel’s Privacy Policy.

Your benefits as a member

As a team member of Fuwanovel, you have access to various benefits. Regardless of the benefits that are generally available to all (or certain) members, such as press tickets to events and review copies, additional benefits are also mentioned on the join us page. These benefits may vary from time to time, but you are always entitled to the benefits that were granted to you at the time of your joining.

Your obligations as a member

We do not require a fixed amount of monthly contributions or some kind of regular activity. You can decide for yourself when and how often you want to help at Fuwanovel. However, we reserve us the right to deactivate accounts or take away access rights for security reasons if a team member shows no activity or any kind of interest for a long period of time (= if he or she neither talks in the team chats, nor makes contributions). However, we expect that promises and agreements to be kept if other members rely on them.

A relationship of trust

Your Fuwanovel team membership is based mainly on trust – Trust between you and the team leadership, but also between you and other team members of Fuwanovel. At Fuwanovel, there are no “non-disclosure agreements”, but we expect that internal team matters remain within the team and are not shared/publicly discussed on social media or even published as a screenshot in order to not to undermine mutual trust and respect within the team.

Our stance on sensitive topics

Sometimes, Visual Novels can show difficult kinds of content: For example, content which shows special kinds of pornography (like rape or Lolicon) or which deals with topics who can trigger people with mental issues (like self-harm, suicidal thoughts or drug abuse) or which is “just not for everyone” (splatter, gore). As Fuwanovel strives to be in compliance with the local youth protection laws and as Fuwanovel wants to offer a safe environment for every visitor, certain kinds of content or depictions are either hidden per default, restricted to certain user groups or completely banned on Fuwanovel. If you want to write about a topic which could be sensitive, please seek help from a Fuwakai member so we can find a way to publish your article in a law-save and sensitive way.

Our stance on piracy

Fuwanovel has a controversial past regarding piracy and every Fuwanovel member, whether new or old, should be aware of this past: For some time, the name “Fuwanovel” was strongly associated with piracy and although we have long distanced ourselves from this past, we had a long fight to deal with the consequences. For this reason, every team member is encouraged to avoid pro-privacy statements in public and especially on Fuwanovel itself.