It has always been on of Fuwanovel’s core concepts to improve the availability of English-language Visual Novel translations and fan translations in particular are an important part when it comes to this as fan translations are not just an expression of the vibrant and active fan culture outside of Japan, but also help Western fans enjoy games that might never have been released in the West. That’s why it was always important for us to offer fan translators a platform where they can organize themselves as well as to help to promote their projects.

On the other hand, the number of official translations has grown in the recent years enormously. This is partly due to the fact that some Japanese companies are also developing an interest in the Western market, partly since the interest in Visual Novels in general has risen thanks store fronts like Steam, and partly simply because some former fan translator groups have become professional and decided to turn their hobby into a profession, which we absolutely support.

The following rules are intended to regulate the relationship between unofficial fan translations and official translations in order to avoid conflicts between all parties involved. At the same time, they clarify the conditions under which Fuwanovel actively promotes fan translations.


Rule 1: Fuwanovel does not support translation efforts if …

  1. The game is already officially released in English
  2. There is already an official English translation in progress
  3. There is an public announcement about an acquired license for the game

Fuwanovel always supports the translation of games not available in English otherwise.

Rule 2: Fuwanovel supports translation into languages other than English, even if the game is already officially released in English, given that no publisher interests are affected.

Rule 3: Fuwanovel supports restoration patches as well as bug fixes made by fans. This also applies to games already officially released in English, provided that there is no known objection from the publisher.

Rule 4: Fuwanovel encourages fan translation projects to support the original developer. This implies that opportunities to legally buy the games at authorized download stores are presented. On the other hand, we strictly reject projects which combine their patches with full version downloads (“pre-patches game downloads”) or encourage users to obtain the full version via illegal download sources.

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