Gamuzumi Releases Nintendo Switch Port of Volleyball Heaven by Winter Wolves

On June 29, 2023, visual novel console port specialist Gamuzumi released the Nintendo Switch port of the title Volleyball Heaven. by The game is available in the Nintendo eShop for…

Indie Studio Ub4q Releases Amarantus

On June 27th 2023, the Australian independent studio Ub4q released their new PC game title Amarantus on Steam and

Love Shore is Finally out!

This week, on June 30th, Perfect Garbage released the full version of Love Shore.

Candied Hearts Demo is now Available!

This is an otome comedy game where you play as an obsessed fan of the titular gacha game, who then gets dragged into that world.

Poetry in Purgatory now Fully Released

Created by Tymedust Games, this game fully released on June 30th 2023 on entirely for free!

Demo for Yandere Mystery Otome Heart Cage Released on June 30th

Following the workings of the Otome/Josei Jam, the Hong Kong-based development studio Ricelovecoffee released a demo for their new otome game «Heart Cage».

Milcham: From the Ashes of Hearts—Chapters 0-1 Released on June 28th

Milcham: From the Ashes of Hearts is an indie development project by Ara Game Studio, under the leadership of Enajori Yui. On June 28th, a free demo containing the beginning…

Foxglove Games Released Lighthearted Queer rom-com About Twins: Trouble comes Twice

Today on the 29th of June 2023, the Germany-based independent studio Foxglove Games releases their debut visual novel with Trouble comes Twice.

Outis Media Releases Demo of Their new Monster Girl VN—Garden of Roses: Summerset

On June 27th 2023, Outis Media announced on their social media that they had just launched the prologue chapter for Garden of Roses.

SINxHOLIC: Demo Released on June 25th

SINxHOLIC, a free episodic BL visual novel, was released this week. Check out the demo!