Review: Cooking Companions—Of Partaking in Life

Cooking Companions, a cute VN about cooking in a cabin in the mountains for your friends! What dishes are you going to make for them?

Spooktober 2023 — VN Jam Game Report #1

Spookctober is here, and so are our spooky reviews!

Review: SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair—Night Of The Vanishing Corpses

Disclaimer: Developer Gosatsu Visual Novels has sponsored a review key via our Curator Connect to Fuwanovel. Thanks for all the support. SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair is a 2016 murder…

(Demo) First Impressions: UsoNatsu — Summer, Memories, and Lies

With the release of UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~ (UsoNatsu) right around the corner, the everlasting longing for its English release date won’t cease. Just recently, UsoNatsu…

Review: Shackles of Ellswyn — Isekaied Into a FutaDom World!

Disclaimer: Fuwanovel was provided a free key for this game by TwoHotMILFs and the author livestreamed her playthrough. However, the thoughts here are 100% her own and she was not…

Demo Review: Deep in the Forest — A Medieval, Potion-Making BL

Check out Ertal Games' newest title, filled with handsome men, a dash of alchemy, and...a variety of issues...

Review: The Invisible Star — A Map of the Stars

The search for a special star...

Review: Love Flute — A Ghost Waifu Dating Sim

You're on the verge of giving up on your dreams when... you hear a cute ghost?!

Review: Kuroinu Redux –Conquering a Land of Beauties

A darker, infamous nukige: Shiravune's Kuroinu Redux!

Review: ANONYMOUS;CODE – Everything Fans Desired and More

Disclaimer: A pre-release review code has been delivered by the publisher Spike Chunsoft to the reviewer via email contact. Thanks for all the trusted support! ANONYMOUS;CODE is a love letter…