InvertMouse: Basketball, Hong Kong, & Video Games

It is hard to believe we haven’t had a chance to interview someone in the Fuwa community in quite some time. Today’s member is one which has been around for…

Decay Interviews Sekai Project (05/2016)
On Ne no Kami, Crowdfunding, and More – An Interview with Sekai Project

Sekai Project is nothing if not controversial. From their use of crowdfunding to the way they handle 18+ releases, they’ve come under fire for many of the ways they’ve run their…

The Story of Flowers’ Troubled Demo, and What JAST Plans to Do About It

We explain what happened to Flowers and talk to JAST about how they plan to address its issues.

Of Demi-Gods and Aliens: An Interview with Black Sands Entertainment’s Manuel Godoy

We talked with Black Sands Entertainment's founder Manuel Godoy to discuss Black Sands, his inspirations, and how he aims to make his ambitious plans a reality.

Interview with “SakuSaku” Translator Akerou

A special interview with Fuwanovel community member Akerou, translator of "Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki" ("SakuSaku").

Interview: Ryuno – A Musician’s Insight

For me, music is an incredibly important part of a Visual Novel. The composers who can craft pieces that not only fit the mood, but invoke emotions far beyond what…

Interview: Weeev and “Purrfectly Ever After”

We sit down with Weeev about their visual novel, "Purrfectly Ever After". Learn about the game and help the team out on Kickstarter and Greenlight!

Interview: Scalemail and “Walkerman”

We sit down with Scalemail about their visual novel, "Walkerman". Be sure to support them on Kickstarter -- only 37 hours left and the team needs support!

Interview: Purin Productions and “Vision of Aurora Borealis”

We got a chance to interview Purin Productions about their Greenlit visual novel, "Vision of Aurora Borealis." Be sure to support them on Kickstarter!

Interview: No One But You

Today we have an interview with No One But You project's programmer and creator Kyle Tyner about the project in general and their soon-ending Kickstarter.