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Fuwanovel is always looking for motivated and talented people who share our love for Visual Novels. May it be Bishoujo Games, Otome, SciAdv or Indie Games, we’re open for all of them. If you’re interested in being a writer on Fuwanovel, just send us your application, along with a sample article or post written by you (can be anything like a news post, a review, an unboxing post or a think piece – just don’t be shy!) and some information about yourself.

But even if you’re not that interested in writing, we also offer opportunities for talented coders, web designers, artists and Adobe Gurus as well as social media managers! If you’re interested in being a part of Fuwa, just check the requirements table below and use the form on this page or write an email at [email protected] to get in touch with us.

Basic skills you should have, regardless of your position
Love for Visual Novels, Motivation, Reliability
Skills you should have as a writer/editorSkills you should have as a coder/programmerSkills you should have as a artist/graphic designer/sns manager

If you’re a writer:

You should be able to structure your article properly. Also, you should be talented when it comes to expressing and forming original ideas. You should also be able to formulate interview questions.

If you’re a front-end web dev:

HTML5, CSS3 as well as JavaScript (ES 6). If you’re a back-end dev: PHP 7, MySQL/MariaDB. Also, some experience with the WordPress Plugin and Theme API would be good.

If you’re an artist:

Experience with programs like CLIP STUDIO PAINT, Krita or PaintTool SAI as well as a good skill level when it comes to creating artworks.

We don’t hire new artists at the moment

If you’re an editor:

You should have a good understanding of the English language when it comes to grammar and spelling and have a good feeling of what “sounds good” and what doesn’t. Also, you should be able to give people feedback in a constructive way.

We don’t hire new editors at the moment

Python devs:

Knowledge of Python 3; Some experience with and making Discord bots would be beneficial as well.

If you’re a graphic designer:

At least a good skill set when it comes to Photoshop and Illustrator. But it wouldn’t be disadvantagous if you have skills in InDesign and other CC applications, too.

Regardless of whether you’re a writer or an editor:

You should be able to deal with deadlines and working together as a team.

Regardless of whether you’re a web or a Python dev:

At least a basic understanding of Git is required. Also, you should have already a GitHub account or be ready to create one.

If you’re a social media manager:

Knowledge of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and SNS managing services. Furthermore, you should know how to build up a followership and handle difficult situations.

What we offer

  • The proud feeling of being a team member of one of the oldest and most popular Visual Novel web outlets and communities on the English Internet, combined with the opportunity to share this feeling with the world through team badges on your FuwaForums profiles and staff roles on the Fuwanovel Discord Server.
  • Access to a lot of free review copies, among them many popular titles from big western publishers.
  • A first step for your possible career in the western Visual Novel industry (of course we can’t guarantee this, but if you’re looking for contacts or if you want to expose your skills to the world, you’re certainly not at the wrong place.)

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Since Fuwanovel is primarily a website operated by fans for fans, we have to point out that all activities at Fuwa are unpaid.