Site History

In 2012 Fuwanovel was a small fan community with big dreams: to make visual novels popular in the West and build a welcoming community for new and experienced VN fans, alike. We have since grown into one of the largest and most active VN communities on the net: providing everything from news to reviews, to translation updates, and more. As we grow, so too does our ability to shake up the visual novel landscape, promote a new culture of respect and welcoming to newcomers, and develop tools to benefit fans and developers, alike. We’re dedicated to spreading an engaging and often-misunderstood genre of interactive fiction, and our motto, “Make Visual Novels Popular in the West”, pretty much says it all.




This page is a work in progress, and will continue to be updated throughout 2016. The current project goals for this page include:

  • Highlighting the major projects and accomplishments, broken down by year
  • Writing brief bios of major community leaders
  • Opening content to the community (including, perhaps, some of the famous community “art” we’ve amassed over the years)