Our Team (FuwaDirectory)

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Project Leaders:

Community AdminTay

Blog: Zakamutt

Forums Mods: See this page

Front Site UpdatesBeato

FuwaReviews: Solidbatman

LC CoordinatorNohman


LC Community Liaison: Eclipsed

Social MediaNosebleed & Solidbatman

Webmaster: Nayleen (or Tay(Report site technical issues here)



Full Teams


Global ModsBeatoDownKaguyaNosebleed

Board ModsEclipsedFlutterz, Helvetica StandardNohmanStray CatZenophilious

FuwaChat Mods: AnikiGetterEmperorKeatonKurisu-Chan


FuwaZette Blog

Editor-In-Chief and Resident Viking Lord: Zakamutt

Writers: Decay, Tay


In-House Reviews Team (FuwaReviews)

Team LeaderSolidBatman

Reviewers: DownDecay, kumayuPalas, RyechuSolidBatman, TyraelValmore

Editors: Flutterz


Front Site

Updates: BeatoNayleenTay


Social Media

Facebook Team: NosebleedSolidbatmanRyouuuuuDecay, Tay

Twitter Team: SolidbatmanDown, ZakamuttDecay, Tay


Steam (Gaming Client)

Amazing Steam Group Curators: Emi, Palas


VNTL-Moon Aggregator

Man on the Moon: Tay


Web Development

ArchWebmaster: Nayleen


Player Mentors Program

Coordinators: Rose,  Tay


Think Tank Rangers

Team Members: RookeTiagofvarela, Palas