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Impasse Journey ~ Kaohsiung Chapter ~ released last week!

On January 25th, Erotes Studio released their latest work after a 3-year gap. Impasse Journey ~ Kaohsiung Chapter ~ is one of their darker, more serious titles, set in a post apocalyptic Earth.
Buy it now on Steam for $9.89!

It features over 300k words of storyline and descriptions of the local culture and landscape of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. There are multiple options as well: your choices in battle will lead you to defeat the enemies within the story.

The game was brought to English by Sinical Network, a fangroup that focuses on translations from Chinese to English. You can find their page on the game here.

What’s Impasse Journey about?

In the year 20XX, the Taiwan Strait War erupted, igniting a massive conflict, and a prolonged stalemate has brought about its first mushroom cloud to end the world, but the outcome of the battle is still in question.

Thirty years later, Taiwan has split into multiple autonomous regions of various sizes. Although the world is silent, humanity is still striving to build a new world amidst the ruins.

As the protagonist, Yang Qiongqi, you will embark on a post-apocalyptic journey to fulfill a promise to your father.

Your first stop is Kaohsiung in which you are dragged into an ongoing feud between the government military and a militia force. How you resolve it will depend on your decisions…

This is a choice-based story of hope as you search for a new life amidst the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world.


Meet the Cast

“Suppose one day, my actions are going to clash with your ideals, would you still support me?”

The protagonist who has decided to embark on her journey to search for the truth. Quiet and reserved, she has that unapproachable presence about her, or maybe, she is actually a sentimental girl.

“No, I came here to fulfil my dreams, and prove that I didn’t make a wrong decision.”

A young girl who joined the militia to pursue her dreams, hoping for the day when someone could actually understand her, and Qiongqi’s arrival has brought about an actual change in her.

“The truth still hurts a little…”

A young girl who has been brought up by the locals in Taiwan, and stayed on the island after the war. As the militia force’s vice captain, she has impressive leadership qualities, and always diligent in her duties despite her inaptitude in warfare.

“So, we have to use peaceful and rational iron fists to shatter those stupid dreams. It’s quite simple, actually.”

A young girl who is nearly forgotten as an underground dweller when she used to live in the canals below Kaohsiung. She is willing to give her all to help the person she loves to fulfil his dreams. Could she soldier on in her illusory dream bubble?

“Is this line only used by villains? What a joke.”

As an influential envoy from Yunlin-Chiayi-Tainan Autonomous Zone, this young girl has come to Kaohsiung to resolve the ongoing feud, although she does not seem to care too much about it. Perhaps she is simply looking for some spice in her life.

“Before we clashed, we have worked together for a long time, so we’re bound to have that camaraderie between us.”

The mayor’s most trusted secretary, and an indispensable part of the government military. She has been pushing hard for peace because the most important goal in her life is to stop the war that ended long ago.

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