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Review: Fling with a Tiefling — Love a Tiefling in More Ways than One!

Fling with a Tiefling Interview

Ann: What in Baldur’s Gate 3 specifically sparked your idea for Fling with a Tiefling?

Kristi: I’m going to refrain from writing an essay here, or at least try to. To give you a short-ish answer: my experience romancing Gale! While I have accrued many husbandos during my 25 years of living, it’s been a while since one has made me kick my feet up in the air and smile like a damn fool. Gale’s romance is quite endearing. It’s tender, sweet, a bit spicy, and fun.
I wanted to write a story that invoked the same feelings that I felt while also playing with the idea of loneliness, if the player were to explore that option. The idea of having someone so precious leave your life can be soul crushing, whether it’s a romantic partner, a crush, or a friend. I felt that way when I played BG3 numerous times. I didn’t want Gale to leave my party, so I did everything I could to make sure he didn’t. It was nerve-racking!

Ann: This is your first time writing about / including sexual intimacy in your projects and writing. How did you get the idea to write that scene? 

Kristi: By consuming NSFW content from other asexual creators, let it be adult books, comics, or games! Earlier this year, I played with the idea of writing NSFW/light spicy content, but I felt unqualified because of who I was.
But seeing people in the ace community make fantastic adult content without any restriction made me realize that I can do it and that I can be pretty friggin’ great at it. The only one who’s holding me back was me. So, I said: “Eh, screw it, let’s do it. The worst that can happen is that it’ll come off as awkward, but at least I’ll know I tried and that I can improve.”

Ann: What helped you, as an asexual person (person uninterested in sexual intimacy), to write about it? 

Kristi: By consuming visual novels, books, and even fanfictions (well-written ones, I should add) that feature spicy content. 

Ann: What hurdles did you face during the development phase and how were you able to overcome them? 

Kristi: If I had to be honest, I didn’t face any issues during the game’s development! What a relief, am I right? If I really had to pick something out, it’s just silly Ren’Py errors that haunted me late at night, but I’m so used to seeing those that I don’t really consider them hurdles anymore.

Ann: Will there be more of Karrus in the future? 

Kristi: I HOPE SO? I was actually thinking about adding in a post-credits scene where the two of you are in your home in the city and you’re married. The both of you are underneath the moonlight, admiring the night sky exactly like how you did when you were adventurers. But I refrained from doing that. One day, maybe…

Ann: Are there projects you are currently working on or want to work on in the future?

Kristi: Too many! Currently, I am working on Intoxicating for Yuri Jam. I’m finishing up A Marble’s Muse and on the back-burner is my comedy romance game, Winning Hearts: Wrestling Otome. Sleep? What’s that?

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Ann (also known as elduator) is a Visual Novel developer, UI designer, coffee addict and dark romance / otome connoisseur. She is the director & creative lead of the dark otome visual novel "YOMINOKUNI" as well as one of the hosts of the podcast "The Visual Novel Corner".

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