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My Heart Grows Fonder now Available on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch version of the English Visual Novel My Heart Grows Fonder, developed by Zetsubou Games and published by Gamuzumi, was released on the Nintendo eShop September 29th 2023. The game is also available on PC. Despite being a Nintendo Switch release, it still contains somewhat lewd content that classifies it as 17+.

My Heart Grows Fonder banner

Visual novel about a couple who are reunited after a three year separation. Have the two moved on during their time apart? Or will old passions be rekindled?


You play as Cassius Porter, a young man who seems to have his life together – right up until the moment when his ex pays an unexpected visit.


My Heart Grows Fonder is a romance visual novel from Zetsubou Games. The game was first posted on Zetsubou Games Official Website on June 22nd 2019. Later, on November 11th 2019 the game released on Steam and An 18+ patch is seperately available on Zetsubou Games Official Website, Google Drive, MEGA, and Proton Drive.

On September 11th 2020, the game was made available on JAST USA and FAKKU. These releases are pre-patched and for exclusive use outside Japan. Their use in Japan is strictly prohibited by law.

My Heart Grows Fonder was updated to version 1.2.0 on July 26th 2023. The update features:

  • 2 new endings, bringing the game length up from ~100k words to ~175k words
  • New music, backgrounds, sprites, outfits and CGs (some are 18+)
  • New config to change textbox opacity
  • New config to disable auto-resume
  • 2 new achievements
  • MacOS cloud saves are now cross-platform
  • Trading cards have been released
  • Soundtrack has been released

On September 29th 2023 the game was released on Nintendo Switch by Gamuzumi. Gamuzumi is a game publisher focused on releasing mature or “ecchi” titles for console, PC, and other gaming platforms, mosly on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. Gamuzumi usually works with Winged Cloud, a developer that focuses on the Sakura Visual Novel series. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you can get the game here.

About Zetsubou Games

An English developer, programmer, writer, proofreader, multi-tasking machine (VNDB). Zetsubou Games releases lots of games focusing on English speakers. They started their journey in 2015 with the release of a demo for Sickness.

Their most notable release include Wander No More, Max Massacre, and Sable’s Grimoire series. They also create 18+ visual novels, starting from Tomboys Need Love Too! in 2017, followed by Sable’s Grimoire: Man And Elf, and Sable’s Grimoire: A Dragon’s Treasure. Their most recent release is An Adventurer’s Gallantry which released on April 5th 2023. Currently Zetsubou Games are working on Sable’s Grimoire 2, Sable’s Grimoire: Project Homonculus, and Sable’s Grimoire: My Elven Bride, which will release in 2024, 2025, and 2026 respectively.

In addition to developing their own novels Zetsubou Games also do commision work for other games. Notable works they contributed to include Catch Canvas by Unwonted Studios & Razzart Visual (Published by Sekai Project), No One But You by Unwonted Studios (Published by Sekai Project), Happy Campers by Razzart Visual and To Libertad by Studio Camelot & Sendo.


Cassius, a jilted man who's trying to move on--
Maia, his ex, who broke his heart when she left--
Ava, his best friend, who stayed behind to pick up the pieces--
When these three are forced to cohabitate, how will their relationships begin to change?


Cassius, a jilted and bitter man, is reunited with his ex after a three year separation. As the two begin to cohabitate, he realizes that he may not be over her after all.

When his girlfriend suddenly vanished without a word, Cassius feared the worst. All communication was shut off, he had no clue where she went, and nobody seemed to be able to get ahold of her. The person closest to him disappeared, seemingly for good, and he had no way of knowing what had happened to her.

Now, without warning or fanfare, Maia has returned. What’s more, the years of separation have done nothing to change how she feels about Cas. The two of them never formally broke up, and in her mind, they are still a couple.

But as the person left behind, Cas’ feelings aren’t so simple. After years of anguish, he has finally started to move on, and Maia’s return isn’t as welcome now as it would have been all that time ago.

Will Cas manage to mend his relationship with his ex-girlfriend and return to what they once had? Or will he leave the past behind and find happiness with someone else?


Main character of My Heart Grows Fonder - Cassius


The protagonist of the VN My Heart Grows Fonder. Cassius works as an accountant. He lost his girlfriend 3 years ago when she disappeared without a word. Cassius tries to keep his life maintained despite having money troubles.

Heroine of My Heart Grows Fonder - Ava


Ava has been Cas’s childhood friend since high school. They were often in the same class and lived within walking distance of one another. She is still in college and lives with her parents. When they aren’t home, Ava might raid their alcohol stash. Despite her outgoing personality and all of her confidence when talking with her friends, Ava has never been in a relationship. She says it is because of her strict parents.

Heroine of My Heart Grows Fonder - Maia


Maia is Cassius’ girlfriend that disappeared 3 years ago without a word. Now, she showed up again after all those years. She is a clumsy and shy girl that has a hard time getting used to touching her significant other. Things like hugging and high fives are hard for her to do with Cassius. She is only comfortable with hand-holding. Also, Maia likes cooking.

Side character - Mister Reed

Mister Reed

Maia’s father.

Side character - Lawyer


Maia’s lawyer.

Side character - William


Cassius’s coworker.



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