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Lip Trip ~Boss wa Watashi no Genetsuzai~ Announcement—Yuri Spiced with Omegaverse Elements

On October 13th, SukeraSomero announced their newest tittle Lip Trip ~Boss wa Watashi no Genetsuzai~ which is scheduled to release early 2024 on Steam. Featuring five different supported languages. Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Korean. As well an 18+ patch be available.

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Furthermore, the same team who worked into their blockbuster “Oshirabu” will be back. While inviting the famous mangaka and Illustrator Minori Chigusa as Lip Trip ~Boss wa Watashi no Genetsuzai~ character designer. Who is currently working on “Koutsugou Semi-Friend“. Suffice to say, it’s a well know author among Yuri fans.

Forevermore, a free booklet will be distributed at the Yuri Exhibition 2023 which is currently ongoing.

The translation for this game will be provided by Love Lab‘s CEO Meru, who already worked on previous titles for SukeraSparo & SukeraSomero such as Curse of Kudan.

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Maiguma Rino is born as an Ω (omega), and Kiyotsu Chizu born as α (alpha). They both meet as a new employee and the editor-in-chief of "Fuller," a travel-themed web magazine.

"-- Um, Ms. Editor-in-Chief! I just joined the company today ... so"

However, the moment she calls out, Rino's body unexpectedly heats up; her desire not to give up her job because of her Ω (omega) constitution leads Chizu to make a perplexing decision.

"I'll put an end to this soon. Please be patient"

Cold fingertips, sweet scent ......
Wrapped in that scent, Rino left her tingling body in Chizu's hands.

The feelings oscillate between diligent work (rationality) and getting into heat (instinct),
The mischief of fate begins to play tricks on the two of them.


“Alpha is the boss. It’s like a microcosm of Shakai.”

NK Publishing Web Media Division Editor Assistant

A new Ω (omega) employee who has joined the editorial department of Fuller, a travel-themed web magazine. Her hobbies include traveling and eating delicious food. Although she is a special hire for Omega, she is determined to work to the best of her ability, but she is treated coldly by her boss, Chizu, but she can’t resist her instincts…

Height: 155 cm
Bust: 83.5 cm (E60)
Birthday: May 9

VA: Inari Yui

“I wish I could see more of you”

NK Publishing Web Media Division Chief Expert

An α (alpha) who is the chief expert, or “editor-in-chief,” of the web magazine “Fuller” at a young age. Her hobbies are pottery and herbal tea, she is an alpha with a brilliant mind and high skills. Harboring a mild personality that has earned her a high level of trust within the company. Although she cooperates with Rino when she is in heat, she tries to keep her away from her for one reason or another.

Height: 166 cm
Bust: 73.0 cm (C60)
Birthday: November 11

VA: Aimai Moko


Character Design: Chigusa Minori
Planning/Scenario: Oguri Aya
Background: Yuuki Naohiro
music: Night.
Opening Movie: gram6design
Logo: Wataru Saito (Chipco Design)
Direction: SAMU
producer: Koga Shuichi
production: SukeraSomero

OP Song My Precious...?

Singing: Suzuyu
Writing/Arrangement Lyrics: Night.
Drum: Akht.
Mixed & Mastered: Atsushi Nagatake (Ato4 Sound Factory)

ED Song Orange Trip

Singing: Ayumi Sarah
Lyrics/Composition: Sweet bean paste 

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Lip Trip will be available in 2024 on Steam with an 18+ patch. The exact date isn’t specified yet. Wishlist it as soon the Steam page is up. We will keep you updated!

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Innogrey fan here, besides horror and yuri be my passion. Oh also mechs, they are pretty cool. Guess I tend to stick with those things, but that does not mean I'm closing any door to whatever sparks my interest. If it shows impressive writing, I'm all for it.

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