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New Mythological Otome VN? — Yukar From the Abyss, released on iOS & PC

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Written by Yuusha

Yukar From the Abyss is LocaGames‘ second visual novel, released on the 21st August 2023 in English and Japanese. Clocking in at around ten hours of playtime, it’s a short experience compared to other titles, but the game’s focus on Ainu mythology makes it a unique offering in a genre typically known for more commonplace settings and tropes.

You can this VN on Steam for $19.99.

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You can also find a walkthrough here!

Yukar From the Abyss, or, as it’s known in Japan, Shin’en no Yukar (深淵のユカラ), is an otome visual novel featuring protagonist Oki Kurumi (her name is changeable.) After struggling at work and at home, Kurumi decides to move to Hokkaido for a fresh start.

One night, after an evening with friends, Kurumi makes the mistake of missing her train stop. She disembarks instead at an unfamiliar station called “Kamuy Mosir,” where, confused by her unfamiliar surroundings, Kurumi runs into a group of gentlemen dressed in clothing she’s never seen before.

The strange gentlemen accost and capture Kurumi with very little effort. Who are they, and what do they want with Kurumi? Why the odd clothing? What is this Kamuy Mosir? If you’d like to answer these questions for yourself, please try the game on Steam or iOS!

There are a total of four love interests. While they are fully voiced, Kurumi is unvoiced. If you decide to try Yukar From the Abyss, please share your thoughts by commenting below!

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