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New upcoming Summer Yuri read! — UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~

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Written by Yuzu

On July 29th, Sekai Project released the story trailer of UsoNatsu ~The Summer Romance Bloomed From A Lie~, LYCORIS‘s upcoming yuri title.

Known for FATAL TWELVE and Sound of Drop, as with their previous titles, the game’s being localized by Sekai Project for English and Chinese for Steam. Neither the original release or the localization have a release date yet to be confirmed but are slated for 2023.

“Love can so easily turn people into liars.”

UsoNatsu story centers around our protagonist Tachibana Kaoru, whose heart has broken upon confessing her romantic feelings to her homeroom teacher, Shimotsuki Mirei. During the scene, Minagi Shiori sees the act unfolds in front of her eyes. And by no surprises listens Kaoru sorrows extinguish within her heart, while poses the question.

“Instead of forgetting someone you cared about… do you think it’s possible to simply overwrite those memories with different ones?”
“I’m not sure if it’s truly possible or not, but I might have to try something like that if I’m going to get over her.”

On the same note, Shiori request comes right after. Within disposition to forget her older brother, due to the clutches embodied into her life. Kaoru and Shiori embarks though a “tour of memories” in order to grow familiar with one another.

However Inohara Riku, a fellow classmate finds out about their relationship with a high likeability to get into their way. Since Riku holds feelings for Shiori, feelings yet to be spoken. Giving a beginning to an slapstick fun as well as poignant love story.

Looking back on its release, UsoNatsu was originally announced in February 28th 2022 and scheduled to release February 2023. Unfortunately, according to their CAMPFIRE, the size of the scenario exceeded what LYCORIS’s originally envisioned, resulting in an increase to their workload and an inevitable delay.

On the other hand, their Campfire campaign stretch goals were met, allowing them to add animation to most of UsoNatsu‘s CG events and the addition of effects and hair shaking. Furthermore, LYCORIS was able to improve their visuals upon what was originally planned.

Lastly, April 29th 2022 LYCORIS released Koi, furu, a voice drama available for free on LYCORIS YouTube channel (sadly JP only). It’s a retelling events between Tachibana Kaoru and Shimotsuki Mirei before UsoNatsu; in other words, it’s a prequel.

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  • English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese language options with Japanese voice-overs
  • 2D animation brings the characters to life
  • CG Gallery Mode
  • All ages
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