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Let’s Misbehave—Demo Released on June 30th

At the end of last month, on June 30th, illegalileo developed and published the demo for Let’s Misbehave!. This was an entry for Otome Jam 2023 and it’s available on for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
The full release is announced to be at the end of 2024, free to play.

This is an otome visual novel set in the late 1920s, following Gilda Hart, a young woman recently divorced and looking for adventure!

Illegalio consists of various volunteers, who have all brought their respective talents and worked extremely hard to bring this game to life! The full list of team members can be found on their page, with all social media links.

Let’s Misbehave! is an otome-style visual novel set in the late 1920s. The story follows Gilda Hart (renameable), a young woman recently divorced and in possession of a handsome alimony. Such wealth seems to attract the attention of many in this world of glitz and glamor, including but not limited to celluloid stars, foreigners with classy airs,
and more!

Our girl Gilda loves adventure and fun as much as the next person—and two can play that game, she decides. Does she manage to look beyond the smoke screens to find the mens’ true intentions, or will she be taken for a ride? The decision rests in your hands!

Think of Gatsby parties, the thrill of sneaking into speakeasies during the Prohibition, dancing the Charleston late into the night, and misbehavin’ while the world’s in slumber.

Press Kit

For now, there are only certain features in the demo, such as:

● A rich, immersive game experience consisting of 13k+ words
● One-on-one scenes with the 3 love interests
● You can name the MC however you’d like!
● Original OST and backgrounds
● Partial voice acting

However, there are plans to add in more features for the full release:

● Additional main character customization
● CGs gathered in an in-game gallery, to highlight the memorable moments of the story
● Multiple POVs, which can be triggered during replay, so that you can experience moments through your love interest’s perspective too!

If this got your interest, you can wishlist it on and play its demo now!

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