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Candied Hearts Demo is now Available!

To round off our Otome & Josei Jam picks, there’s Candied Hearts by Husbandogoddess (Kristi Jimenez). This is an otome comedy game where you play as an obsessed fan of the titular gacha game, who then gets dragged into that world. Candied Hearts has a demo available for free on

The web version might still have some bugs that need reporting, though.

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Obsessed with the gacha game, Candied Hearts, the MC finds herself struggling to earn enough points to unlock a limited edition event skin. She isn’t prepared for a thunderstorm that sends her into the game world itself! Journey through the Land of Sweets, try to solve a political family strife and fall in love! description
  • Nameable protagonist (Default name is Candice)
  • 18.2k words (Est. Playtime: 1-1.5 hours depending on reading speed)
  • Multiple choices and scenes to experience!
  • 3 CGS
    • Multiple variations
  • Partial Voice Acting
  • Accessibility Options
    • Sound and Image Captions
    • Self-Voicing (Can be toggled on in the Options menu or by pressing the ‘V’ key on your keyboard)
    • Font Options (Atkinson Hyperlegible and OpenDyslexic) 
  • 2 Routes (Peppermint & Lakritz)
    • Both will be roughly ~17k words each
    • 4 Endings (2 endings each: 2 good, 2 bad)
  • Alternate outfits for the MC!
  • Total CG count will be 7!
  • The appearance of Philip, Lakritz’ mentor and most trusted friend!

This game contains:

  • blood
  • cursing
  • potential character deaths
  • screen flashes
  • screen shaking
  • abusive parental figure. 

Please be advised while playing, and take care of yourself!

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Thumbnail from the game assets.


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