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Foxglove Games Released Lighthearted Queer rom-com About Twins: Trouble comes Twice

Today on the 29th of June 2023, the Germany-based independent studio Foxglove Games releases their debut visual novel with Trouble comes Twice. The game was funded through Kickstarter in August 2020 and was able accumulate 9.610€ with over 300 backers. First came the release and the Steam version followed on July 14th. The price of the game is $15.00.

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The studio was founded by two friends, Melli and Clara, who strive to develop visual novels and story-based games in a variety of genres. When we reached out to them, we were told that even though the company is based in Germany, they don’t necessarily speak German — at least the developer managing the social media account doesn’t. You can support them on their Patreon!

Trouble comes Twice is a lighthearted queer rom-com centered around twins. Hazel and Jace — our twins — are pursuing to find a partner before the other beats them to it. Their stories are filled with plenty of slice-of-life drama, hot queer beauties and a healthy dose of coming-of-age angst.

Trouble Comes Twice features two playable protagonists, twins Jace and Hazel.

A confident flirt with a narcissistic streak, Jace has breezed through most of his life thanks to his charm and good looks but lacks ambition. On the other hand, Hazel is a talented albeit short-tempered pianist who has few friends due to the haughty facade she uses to hide her social awkwardness. 

Already halfway through their university years, the twins realize neither of them have ever been in love before. Like any other not-so-rational person, the twins decide to turn finding love into a competition. Whoever gets into a relationship first wins. 

May the best twin win! story description

Jace’s friend since basically forever, Adrian is a cool-headed and dependable introvert armed with plenty of deadpan jokes. Adrian is also one of the few people who can endure this twins’ never ending shenanigans and though he might not seem like the type, he has plenty of his own mischievows moments too.

Stephanie is a skilled violonist who, surprisingly, admires Hazel a lot. What Stephanie lacks in confidence, she makes up for it in talent. Though her sheltered upbringing has shaped her into a gentle and graceful young girl, she’s determined to grow out of her timid shell now that she’s at college.

Hazel and Jace’s next door neighbour. Also Hazel’s only real friend, though they still can’t seem to agree on which one of them is the sidekick. Zoe often gets mistaken for an airhead because of her playful and bubbly attitude, but she’s also quick-witted, clever and most definitely not a girl to be trifled with.

A snarky, boisterous guy Jace plays basketball with sometimes. Cameron’s got a bad boy reputation at campus, but no one’s sure where the rumours came from. Ignoring how he never seems to take off his sunglasses, Cameron drives a motorcycle and owns the world’s cutest dog — what more could you wish for in a guy?

  • Around 350,000 words: Hours of gameplay for every route!
  • 2 playable protagonists: Jace and Hazel may be twins, but they have completely different dynamics and stories with the love interests. Try both twins and romance the same love interest to experience a different side of the characters!
  • 4 Love Interests & 8 Routes: Romance cute boys AND girls as both protagonists. The four romance options are: the bubbly girl-next-door Zoe, the flirty “bad boy” Cameron, the shy violinist Stephanie, and the stoic childhood friend Adrian.
  • 16 Endings & 8 Epilogues: Do you prefer a romantic ending or a more dramatic one? If you play both endings for a route, you unlock an epilogue!
  • 42 CG Illustrations + 9 Chibi Illustrations

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