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Chaos;Head Noah Patch Released By The Committee of Zero

On February 3rd, 2023, The Committee of Zero released its long-awaited patch for Chaos;Head Noah. Over five years in the making, it’s easily TCoZ’s biggest project to date. This patch is compatible with the PC (Steam & GOG) and the Nintendo Switch (with CFW installed) versions of the game.

UPDATE: An issue with the Switch version of 1.0.1 has been found. If you downloaded it, please revert to version 1.0 for the time being until the issue is resolved.

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Here’s the full list of improvements and additions straight from The Committee of Zero’s website:

  • A high quality English translation done from scratch.
  • The restoration of censored content present in the original release.
  • CGs with Japanese text partially re-drawn, and translated into English.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Changed text rendering engine to allow for italics. Overall text is better formatted.
  • The conditions to unlock certain extras match the original 2009 release.
  • The patch can be installed over any version of the game without ruining save files.

You can download the patch right here.


Fan of Visual Novels and Japanese culture, currently majoring in Japanese. Has worked on VN projects as a writer and director.

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10 months ago

This is amazing work. So thankful to this team of fans for giving us a better translation and so many improvements.
Just a heads-up for Steam Deck users: It doesn’t seem to work in Gaming Mode (only Desktop Mode). The custom launcher pops up, but then you get a black screen when you click play.
Also, while I do appreciate the new font and formatting, I’m not sure why they had to make it significantly smaller than the official version? Again, for Steam Deck users, it’s kinda hard to read.