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Sei Yariman Gakuen Pakopako Nikki 2021 – Review

Have YOU ever wanted to be a fifty-year-old balding guy? No? What about a fifty-year-old balding guy who just got divorced? Still no? Okay, okay. What about a fifty-year-old, divorced, balding guy with a massive cock that gets smoking hot schoolgirl gyaru pussy? If that premise sounds interesting, then boy, have I got a surprise for you… Sei Yariman Gakuen Pakopako Nikki 2021 (localized as St. Yariman’s Little Black Book ~Complete~) is about exactly that!

Released in 2021, Sei Yariman, as I’ll abbreviate it henceforth, is a relatively short nukige, clocking in at about three to four hours. It was developed by Orcsoft. More specifically, it was created by their newest team, “”—a team put together to remake older Orcsoft titles. So, yes, Sei Yariman is a remake of 2011’s “Sei Yariman Gakuen Enkou Nikki.” This time, instead of having art from Mario, it has art from Sian.

The game begins with our MC, Yasuo, going out in order to get his mind off his recent divorce from his unappreciative and unsatisfied wife. While out, he is approached by a slutty schoolgirl named Miho, who informs him that her school is known as a prostitute academy. One thing leads to another, and they fuck in a local hotel.

The rest of the game follows Yasuo, who chases (or is being chased by) by a multitude of sexy gyaru. Here’s a brief description of each one.

You have:

  • Eli – A very dominant and kinky girl with long, dark flowing hair.
  • Miho – The introductory girl. She likes arcades and ends up blowing most of her prostitution money on crane games.
  • Rei – She’s a tall, short haired tomboy who kicks ass but is sexually inexperienced.
  • Mana – Playful, young, and an exhibitionist, she can sing and fuck well, and tends to chase after older guys.
  • Aya – A bookworm who wishes to learn about the pleasures of sex, but is frightened to do so.

The game functions rather simple. It’s an ADV format nukige with minimal music (from an uncredited composer). Each girl has three separate scenes involving a few different sex positions and many different CGs. Once you finish the prologue, you are moved to a “puzzle” screen (pictured below), where you can choose which heroine to pursue. After you click on one of the puzzle pieces, a much sluttier version of the original appears.

In order to get to the ending of the game, you have to go through all three scenes with each of the four heroines. The fifth heroine’s route is locked behind the bonus content and, storywise, makes the most sense if you complete the four main routes first. 

Now, I think we’ve spoken enough about the way the game works. Let’s get to my thoughts on it!

Each of the girls has some sort of character depth. Rei and Miho are the most interesting of the four, while Mana and Eli aren’t as fleshed out or noteworthy. While the writing is nothing spectacular, it’s nice that Okomeman at least put in a semblance of a story to go with the wild, and very descriptive, H-scenes. Overall, it’s a story with more positives than negatives.

The translation from FAKKU! (Sathelys) is great. They change a few words here and there, but it’s nothing too detrimental, and there are no spelling or formatting errors. Good job, FAKKU! (And thank you for the key!)

The main focus of the game is Sian’s nicely illustrated (and erotic) sexual scenes, and they do deliver. Each girl—with the exception of Miho and Aya, who have five scenes each—has three different unique sex scenes. The sex scenes are rather tame; the most extreme things included are fucking in a movie theater and pulling anal beads out of an ass. The rest of them are mostly lubed titjobs and blowjobs and rough sex. I should add that during the sex scenes, you will hear appropriate sound effects and also faint moaning from the girls’ voice actresses. It’s a little touch, but a cool one.

Overall, I’d say the game is good. The lackluster writing for two of the main heroines’ routes is a small negative, but this game is still worth a shot if you like sexy gyaru and big-dicked old dudes.

You can buy the game here (FAKKU!’s website)


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